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Friends Only!

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I think that picture's very self-explanatory.

Anyone can add me up, really. Just please don't spam me with crap like weird product advertising.
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Ripped Off

The day I finally get a new doorknob for by door (which has been knob-less for almost years now) I get ripped off. How? The screws that are supposed to keep the knob from shaking does not fit. God. Bad quality workmanship. Aren't these doorknobs machine made, factory line and all? So why the sizing error? Incompetence, I tell you.

Solution? Masking tape. I taped the door knob in place so it wouldn't be loose. It works. Masking tape is the solution to everything.
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LJ Clean-up!

Unlike the last time I posted that I was cleaning up, this time I actually got it done. Made a new layout and deleted all those old posts excepts for icon posts. Going through all those old entries from 3-4 years ago made me laugh and cringe. Some of them were just so damn weird and totally random. Guess that means I've changed somewhat, which is good to know.

Does cleaning up my LJ mean that I'm going to be active again and make icons? I don't know. My icon skills are extremely rusty. We'll just see, really. I may end up using LJ as a proper blog. Who knows. :))
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Tenipuri/myu Icons [x45]

i'm a bit annoyed right now. i've been robbed 1000 pesos (around $20) by someone who i believe is to be my brother. some brother he is... <___< he wont even admit to getting my cash... he's the only one in dire need of money to spend anyway. it's nothing new... he used to get money but like... 1000... omg... and now i'm even way off from replacing my busted tv. i should get a bank account DX

After for so long... i made icons again